Chip & Crack Repair

Bathtubs are your family’s routine use for their hygienic cleanliness, either they do it by showering in it or by having a cozy bubble bath. With regular usage of bathtubs whether it’s made from fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain or any other material tends to gain a chip or a crack due to some circumstances.

Some of them are given below:

  • Wrong installation

When your Bathtub is installed some time the filling of the mortar is not adequate. Some of the parts not correctly emplaced and most of the strain hits it which can cause chip and crack.

  • Rapid Change in Temperature

As the climate of Canada is the very hard difference between the outside temperature and inside temperature is huge. This difference strains the material of bathtub resulting in cracks and chips.

  • Hard Hitting

Mostly the sanitary outfits like portable showers are made up of stainless steel which is pretty much heavy sometimes it falls at the angle causing carracks on the surface of Bathtub.

  • Inside Corrosion

Some of the materials used in the making of bathtubs are not much vulnerable to support the minerals in the water. And any small leak that abeles the water to reach the material directly can easily corrode it in this case the cracks and chips appeared on the surface.

These chips and cracks then start to drip onto the tile floor making them wet which causes the mess and not only this, they can attract dirt and other kinds of waste which can look ugly and spoils your perfect bathing experience. These chips and crack can look unpleasant and increase in size if not taken care of instantly. The chip and crack make your bathtub lose its smoothness and makes it unattractive even it’s not been long since you bought it, this urges you to think for replacing the whole bathtub.


Well replacing the bathtub with a small chip and crack doesn’t make sense when you can save thousands of dollars just by repairing them. Bathtub chip and crack repair is a comprehensive and affordable process which can be performed on all type of bathtubs. It is a simple easy and low-cost solution. Chips and cracks are regular and changing a whole bathtub cannot be practiced again and again. In that case you can choose a better option by just calling us we have a team of professionals that can resolve these issues in a very short period of time.


The chips and cracks are filled and sanded and then covered with the standard coating which helps it to blend in with the surrounding of the bathtub. No matter what bathtub color you have, the chip and crack will be repaired with the same material after perfect color matching to ensure that your bathtub looks like original for years to come.

Where are we?

Bath Renovation gurus provide you with services of the chip and crack repair in Toronto (GTA and 100 KM surrounding). The chip and crack is a straightforward process where our experts will assess your bathtub and examine the feasible outcome. After meeting our client’s requirements, our experts start working their wonders and restore the look of your bathtub just like you want it to be fresh and brand new.

Apart from your chip & crack repair, we also provide other renovation services for your bathroom in Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, Etobicoke, Kitchener, Markham and Oakville such as Bathtub Refinishing, floor tiles refinishing, wall tiles refinishing, acrylic wall Panel and shower doors. So choose wisely as we are at your services to provide you with the most affordable and reliable chip and crack repairing services which save you from the mess and the time.